Serious question: Did all you Jalopnik guys get too drunk last night and now nothing at the auto show seems good? I mean other than the odd turbo-charged Honda Civic and 400 HP VW Golf? » 4/01/15 6:57pm Today 6:57pm

I think they have to prove the car was for sale when the advertisement was submitted for publishing (kind of nebulous in the age of the Internet, I suppose.) Also, they could just magically "sell" the car to the service department as a loaner, technically complying with the law. » 4/01/15 1:34pm Today 1:34pm

Whoa, whoa, whoa...don’t you know, anything less than 300 hp is basically medieval levels of power. Might as well attach a horse to the front. /s » 4/01/15 10:49am Today 10:49am

It might be derivative - as almost all car designs are to some degree (witness all the comments when a new car is revealed), but compared to the current crop of Lincolns, it definitely has presence. Also, I don’t think Bentley buyers are cross-shopping Lincoln, so Bentley can breathe a sigh of relief. Also, to… » 3/31/15 10:49am Yesterday 10:49am

@Neutral: I'll take that Lincoln, as long as they don't include the giant chrome center console. I'm not a fan of GM, and Cadillac styling doesn't click with me. Volvo just seems to be in a sorry state of affairs these days. » 3/30/15 11:19am Monday 11:19am

Except for that awful chrome console, not bad looking. That "Quiet Luxury" might be a hint that it's a plug-in hybrid? If they are able to put this into production it would definitely be the halo car Lincoln desperately needs. » 3/30/15 12:38am Monday 12:38am

Seems like this guy wanted to make his car look like those toys at the store. He succeeded. Also, is he renting the wheels? Because I have to think that if you're at a point in your life where you're seriously considering renting wheels, you should probably reconsider some aspects of your life. » 3/29/15 3:46pm Sunday 3:46pm

Well, see, you're totally wrong. Because the, uhm...hold on a sec...the, uh...thing - no, not that one - uhm...hmmm. Just give me a minute, I'm sure we'll find something to prove you wrong here any time now... » 3/27/15 12:18pm Friday 12:18pm

I think the guhment needs a new classification for four-wheeled vehicles that aren't outright cars. But we all know manufacturers would take advantage of that loophole to start removing safety equipment. » 3/27/15 12:16pm Friday 12:16pm

There's nothing crappy in the sense that it works as a car and does all the car things people expect it to do and is probably pretty reliable to boot. The problem is GM doesn't really innovate in the sedan space (except for Cadillac) and thus, Toyota, Honda, Ford...basically everyone else that makes midsize… » 3/27/15 10:47am Friday 10:47am